Do you want personal growth at all 3 levels of your Self: your Mind, Body and Spirit…. your Conscious Self, Subconscious Self, and Higher Self?

The Self Help Psychology program offers a unique, comprehensive, holistic and integrative approach to personal development, designed to support you achieving your desired positive goals and changes across all 3 important dimensions of your being.

This guided self-help program provides a smorgasbord of useful, clinically proven skills and strategies, of hands-on practices and transformational techniques to add to your personal development toolbox!

The 11 modules in the Self Help Psychology program (across the 3 levels of the Self) provide a powerful, effective, structured and systematic approach to personal growth across specific areas and aspects of your Mind, Body and Spirit. Each of the 11 modules comprises an eWorkbook (with a wealth of psychoeducational knowledge and essential wisdom for practical awareness growing, and task-based exercises for actionable change) and an accompanying Guided Meditation audio download (for deeper, experiential learning, to "get the heart to take in what the mind has learnt").

The Self Help Psychology program will save you time and money. Each module is available for the special price of just $29.95; so for a fraction of the cost of one consultation with a Psychologist, you can purchase an estimated minimum one month's worth of self-help resources to keep you growing through whatever aspect of personal development you choose.

Because the Self Help Psychology program is always accessible and conveniently portable, you can enjoy personal growth in the privacy of your own home, whenever you want, with no travel, no carbon emissions, no traffic, and no parking involved…. Right here, just a click away!

So go ahead and check out the modules on the PRODUCTS page, or click on one of the FREE SELF-ASSESSMENT QUIZZES, and you can get started today!

Light up,

Peter Culross


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