About Peter Culross


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Peter Culross grew up on his family’s farm near Moulamein in south-eastern Australia. Following his tertiary education, he travelled overseas in Asia for a time, where his experiences and learning focussed him on the quest for self-discovery, for personal and spiritual growth. Subsequently, he has engaged in many thousands of hours working on his own personal and spiritual development, as well as his professional development. Peter has practiced as a Psychologist for over 25 years and is currently in private practice in Brisbane, Australia, where he lives with his family.


Peter has developed an integrative approach to his work that embraces a range of effective modalities, including a number of experiential approaches. The user-friendly awareness and skills building exercises in the Self Help Psychology program have been developed and road tested through his experience of over 25 years working at the ‘coalface’ as a psychologist and facilitator of personal growth, and he can assure you of their quality and effectiveness.


Peter acknowledges the spiritual masters, including the ongoing support of Adam Davis of I.A.M., and honours all ways.