Anger Management



Is anger causing you problems in your life? Do you need help with controlling and managing your anger and other emotions?


The ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ module of the Self Help Psychology program – created by Peter Culross, Psychologist of over 25 years – will benefit and assist you in learning powerful and effective strategies and skills to better manage and reduce anger in your life, making you a happier person! The module comprises a 105 page eWorkbook (as a pdf file download - see Contents below) and a Guided Meditation mp3 download for overcoming anxiety. 


This module will assist you to build emotional self-awareness, and better regulate and balance anger and other emotions, and increase feelings of peace, calmness and control. You will learn to soothe and transform emotional disturbance and inflammation, and strengthen your capacities for anger management, so that you can move into the future with a wiser, more objective perspective, and more relaxed confidence in yourself and your ability to respond and express yourself more appropriately, reasonably, constructively and effectively in future circumstances of stress, making you feel so much better!



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"There's some really good, thought-provoking stuff in the 'Managing Anger & Other Emotions' workbook that really resonated with me; e.g. reading about the Type A Personality was huge, there's some good stuff about breathing and Time Out, and the stuff about rageaholism was gold!" ~ Dean


“I’ve never done meditation before, but doing the ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ meditation was like a dimming light switch, turning down the thinking process, slowing down and focusing on the soothing process.” ~ John


“The ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ meditation is really good. It helps me to be calm. I’m more able now, if I’m agitated, to tell my brain to ‘Stop!’, and follow it up with the techniques to breathe my way through it.” ~ Loretta


"When I first listened to the ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’  meditation, in all honesty I did wonder if this was for me, but then I noticed it seemed to help me relax the tension in my chest and turn off my ruminating thoughts. I was then able to accept that "This is the way it is and I can live with it" in regards to my situation." ~ Grant


“The ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ meditation is very, very good – it has settled me down. Now I’m focused on putting it into action!” ~ Graham


“The ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ meditation was good, I enjoyed it, I really got something out of it.” ~ Danielle


“I didn’t think the ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ meditation would help, but it puts me in a better state of mind. I just float off, and it works.” ~ Brad


“Each time I feel anger rising up in me, the ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ meditation helps to slowly bring me down again.” ~ Robert


“The ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ workbook is a good one stop shop for anger management information. Plus it’s been a good reminder for me to continue to work on my “emotional intelligence”.” ~ Brigid

                “Tools to Transform Your Life!”


Workbook Contents


1. Anger Quotes, Poems & Prayers                                                                    

2. Understanding Anger                                                                                      

3. When Is Anger A Problem?                                                                          

4. Why Do We Get Angry?                                                                              

5. Brain Systems Optimisation                                                                         

6. Goal-Setting                                                                                                  

7. Anger Styles                                                                                                 

8. Dealing With Anger Avoidance & Passive-Aggression                                  

9. Dealing With Sudden & Excitatory Anger                                                    

10. Dealing With Distrust-Based, Deliberate, Moral & Habitual Anger         

11. Dealing With Resentment & Hate                                                              

12. Dealing With Shame & Fear-Based Anger                                                

13. Appropriate Assertiveness                                                                          

14. Meditation For Managing Anger & Other Emotions                                 

15. Action Plan For Change                                                                             

16. Journaling

To purchase the ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ module for just $29.95, please click on the Add to Cart button: