Sleep Better



Can’t sleep? Feeling sleep deprived? Are you suffering from insomnia or sleep disturbance? Wanting better sleep?


Do you need help to sleep better?


The ‘Sleep Better’ module of the Self Help Psychology program – created by Peter Culross, Psychologist of over 25 years – will benefit and assist you in learning powerful and effective strategies and skills for better sleep, making you a happier person! The module comprises a 48 page eWorkbook (as a pdf file download - see Contents below) and a guided meditation mp3 download for better sleep.


This module will assist you to experience a better, natural, healthy sleep, and will support you achieving a pattern of more steady, satisfying sleep, that best fits for your health and wellbeing. You will learn a number of mind-body techniques, practices and strategies to experience a deeper, more restful sleep, and regain a satisfactory sleep pattern, making you feel so much better!




“The ‘Sleep Better’ workbook is just awesome. It’s the most sensible summary about sleep that I have ever read!!  It appears to be information that most people should have, if anyone has poor sleeping prior or when they are given sleeping tablets. I read it immediately the night I received it (at 11pm when I woke after 2 hours sleep), used only a couple of the hints, as well as started exercising a bit most days, and have had only one ¼ sleeping tablet in the last fortnight!! That was after taking sleeping tablets – either ¼ or ½ every night for months!!  I now don’t feel so drugged each day as there is no ‘hang over’ from the sleeping tablet. I am so very pleased with the information thank you very much. The ‘Sleep Better’ meditation is also enormously helpful – but I don’t use it before I sleep, I use it or part of it in the middle of the night when I wake up and am restless.” ~ Daphne

“I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated the Sleep Better module – especially the meditation. The workbook was all clear and easy to follow and there was nothing I found difficult. It was so thorough and interesting and had a good blend of research info and activities.” ~ Nicole

“The ‘Sleep Better’ meditation is brilliant. It’s working – now I’m sleeping through and having a good quality sleep.” ~ Sue

“The ‘Sleep Better’ meditation is very, very effective. It allows me to get everything right in my head so that I can sleep, and not just toss and turn.” ~ Robert

“The ‘Sleep Better’ meditation helps me get past all the mind chatter and gets me to sleep!” ~ Lorraine


"The ‘Sleep Better’ meditation is a fantastic way of relaxing, and I think I go into a coma at the end of it!" ~ Jason


“I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but the ‘Sleep Better’ meditation has been working – I’m not sure if it's the distraction of focusing on something other than my thoughts, or the content of the meditation, but I am going to sleep now!” ~ Kim


“The ‘Sleep Better’ meditation does really help. I only use it occasionally when I wake up with anxiety at 2.00 a.m. to help me get back to sleep. I whack it on and drift off. The meditation reminds me of the experience of “being one” when surfing!” ~ William


“I’ve been listening to the ‘Sleep Better’ meditation – it certainly works. I’ve been listening to it when I wake up and going back to sleep straight away!” ~ Todd


“Your ‘Sleep Better’ meditation puts me to sleep when I wake in the middle of the night - I just roll over and put the earplugs in and next thing I know I’m waking up a few hours later!” ~ Dee


“It was weird after reading the ‘Sleep Better’ workbook, without really doing anything else, I just slept better! The relaxation strategies have been good, and the dream information was really interesting.” ~ Danielle

                “Tools to Transform Your Life!”


Workbook Contents


1. Sleep Quotes, Poems & Prayers                                       

2. Understanding Sleep Disturbance & Sleep Requirements                            

3. Goal-Setting                                                                                                    

4. Self-Help Strategy # 1: Improving Your Daytime Habits                               

5. Self-Help Strategy # 2: Creating A Better Sleep Environment                     

6. Self-Help Strategy # 3: Preparing For Sleep                                                

7. Self-Help Strategy # 4: Welcoming ‘Dreaming Consciousness’                 

8. Self-Help Strategy # 5: Getting Back To Sleep; Television; Medications  

9. Self-Help Strategy # 6: Keeping A Sleep Diary                                           

10. Action Plan For Change

You can purchase the ‘Sleep Better’ module for just $29.95. This is a fraction of a psychologist's hourly consulting fee.

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