Compulsive Overeating Quiz

The following questions have been designed to help assess whether you have a compulsive overeating problem. Remember to be honest with yourself – you are the only person to see the results of your personal assessment.

Do you continue eating when physically full (usually the “first bite” leads to overeating)?

Are you aware from your own experience that certain foods are “trigger foods”, so that once started, it is difficult to control further eating?

Are you regularly eating beyond normal appetite?

Do you prefer to “graze” throughout the day, rather than ever allow yourself to get hungry?

Do you buy more food than is needed for the household?

Do you eat while preparing food?

Do you tend to eat faster than other people?

Do you find it difficult to leave anything on your plate?

Do you finish leftover food on others’ plates during the meal, or while cleaning up the dishes?

Do you prefer restaurants where they serve large portions?

Does your mouth salivate when you look at a menu before a meal or when you look at illustrations of dishes you would like?

Do you get impatient and irritable at meal times when there is a gap of 10 or more minutes between finishing one course and being served another?

Would you think it wasteful if any of the dishes in an Indian or Chinese meal are left unfinished, and would you therefore try to finish them even if you are no longer hungry?

Do you anticipate 'food shortages' and overeat to avoid later hunger?

Would you eat a full meal in response to an unexpected invitation, despite having already eaten a full meal?

Do you have a history of many attempts to lose weight through diet plans, weight loss centres, doctor’s orders, “fad” diet regimens, pills etc?

Do you make promises to limit or control your eating, then break promises over and over again?

Are you preoccupied with food and eating and weight?

Do you find yourself focusing on eating, or not eating, your next meal?

Do you ever hide, cover up or lie about your eating behaviours?

Do you eat to comfort yourself and relieve negative feelings (e.g. stress, anxiety, anger, loneliness, boredom, shame, hurt, depression etc.)?

Have you eaten to reward yourself because of some stress you have had to endure?

Have you ever had 3 or more different sizes of clothes in your adult (non-pregnant) wardrobe?

Do you exhibit the well-known signs and symptoms of being overweight?

Do you deny physical harm or complications due to your overeating?

Do you experience feelings of hopelessness, helplessness or despair in relation to your compulsive overeating?

Do you feel guilt or upset about your overeating?

Do you feel shame about your body size?

Has anyone else expressed concern over your eating habits, body weight or shape?

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