Family of Origin Quiz

Rate from one (low) to five (high) your experience of the following healthy, functional family qualities and characteristics. Please read and answer each item as honestly as you can, by choosing how much you feel the statement applies to your experience growing up in your family.

Family members listened to each other

Family members felt connected and close

All members had some degree of power appropriate to their age and stage of development

There was an acceptance of who you were

There was respect for each other

Members were appreciated for their contributions and for being themselves

Punishments fitted the crime (consequences were fair and appropriate)

Members trusted each other

Members showed warmth and affection to each other (but not intrusively)

Members were honest and truthful with each other

Members could have fun together

Rules were fair and negotiable

It was okay to make mistakes

Members solved problems together

The family was a safe place to be

Members had a clear appreciated of each other’s boundaries – that is, they respected the personal and emotional space of each member

Members had a willingness to work through conflict

I knew my parents loved me no matter what

Members co-operated together

Members expressed anger safely

Members talked respectfully about feelings

Males and females were treated equally

Big and small accomplishments were noted and celebrated

Members could freely say “I was wrong”

Privacy was respected

Shared mealtimes were calm and enjoyable

Individual differences were respected and supported

There was a sense of commitment

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