Relationship Quiz

Please answer these ten questions on this relationship quiz*, a simple tool designed to shed light on what level of relationship difficulties that you may have, and where they fit in the broad range of problems that couples often face. Try to be as honest and realistic as possible. Itís best neither to exaggerate nor downplay your experience.

When I open up to my partner and share vulnerable feelings I mostly feel:

I feel like I understand my partnerís insecurities because:

Spending time alone with my partner is most often:

When we have a conflict we:

In our views on how to live life (money, raising children, work, socialising, spirituality, values etc.) we:

When I share ideas with my partner, about myself or the world, I generally feel:

I feel judged and criticized by my partner:

My partner and I are physically affectionate (hold hands, cuddle, put our arms around one another):

Sex with my partner is:

When I think of growing old together I:

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