Connecting With Your Spirituality



Are you interested in connecting with another dimension of yourself, your spirituality, your higher self, your true self?


Do you want to develop your spiritual awareness, and awaken to a higher, universal consciousness?


The ‘Connecting With Your Higher Self’ module of the Self Help Psychology program* will benefit and assist you in learning powerful and effective tools for spiritual growth and transformation, making you a happier person! The module comprises a 130 page eWorkbook (as a pdf file download – see Contents below) and a Guided Meditation mp3 download.

This module will assist you to tune into your inner nature, raise and expand your consciousness, and develop your spiritual awareness, so that you can truly begin to find out who you are, and all you can be, and experience this reality. You are supported in connecting and attuning with your true self, your essence, your deeper inner being, and in balancing and harmonising your mind, body, emotions and spirit (or Conscious Self, Subconscious Self and Higher Self), making it easier to establish an affirmative direction in your life. (Please note – this is a non-sectarian, non-doctrinaire, and chiefly experiential approach to supporting your intrinsic spirituality, and can compatibly augment pre-existing spiritual or religious practices, faiths or affiliations).


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“The ‘Connecting to Your Higher Self’ meditation is just great – it stills my chattering mind.  It is clear and simple to listen to, and an effective meditation assistance. I hear different things each time I listen to it! It’s really significant. The ‘Connecting With Your Higher Self’ workbook is great, and I find it very helpful to print off a hard copy and then write in the copy, and underline and circle etc etc.  Reading and writing on it helps me ground the experience.  It is a great explanation of what spiritual connection is and how to experience it and how to progress it. The quotes and your poems ‘enlighten’ the reader on their journey.  I found each one brings another dimension to the experience.” ~ Daphne


“I enjoyed the poetry (in the workbook)… Love your soothing voice on the recording… Lovely work.” ~ Jan


“Your ‘Connecting With Your Higher Self’ workbook contains some stuff that really hit home in me – so far in your own beautiful poetry (is there a better word for beautiful – if there is then that’s your poetry.)  After being transported through your words and emotions and some of it hitting some of my very own emotions and confusion, I meditated on these thoughts last night and this morning after I awoke – I SAW LIGHT which gave me clarity and answers.” ~ Melissa


“I am being inspired by the ‘Connecting With Your Higher Self’ workbook. It’s great! I am working my way through it as I find time to. Right now it is helping me delve into my dreams and being open to receiving messages from them. I love it! I love your poetry… You certainly wrote some amazing poetry.” ~ Rebecca


                   “Tools to Transform Your Life!”



Workbook Contents


1. Spirituality Quotes, Poems & Prayers                                                    

2. Connecting With Your Higher Self                                                        

3. Goal-Setting                                                                                                                                                                                                         4. Poetry                                                                                                    

5. Going Wild With God                                                                          

6. The Light                                                                                              

7. Chanting                                                                                               

8. Energy Chakras                                                                                    

9. Meditation for Connecting With Your Higher Self                             

10. The Power of Affirmations                                                                

11. The ‘Power Word’ Technique                                                                    

12. Dreams: A Source of Inner Truth                                                     

13. Journaling                                                                                        


To purchase the ‘Connecting With Your Higher Self’ module for just $29.95, please click on the Buy Now button:



* The ‘Connecting With Your Higher Self’ module is one of 11 modules in the Self Help Psychology program. For more information on this guided self-help program, or to complete any of the free Self-Assessment Quizzes featured on the Self Help Psychology homepage, please click here.


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