Effective Communication & Better Relationships



Are you experiencing relationship problems? Too much conflict, too little intimacy?


Do you want help to improve your relationship?


The ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ module of the Self Help Psychology program* – created by Peter Culross, Psychologist of over 25 years – will benefit and assist you in learning powerful and effective strategies and skills to improve your relationship, making you a happier person! The module comprises a 136 page eWorkbook (as a pdf file download - see Contents below) and a guided meditation mp3 download for enhancing and transforming your relationship.


This module will assist you to establish a stronger, more stable, warm and loving connection in relation to your partner, where you can have your differences and respective needs, and communicate more effectively to manage them and achieve greater harmony in your relationship. You will learn important skills for a healthy, loving, intimate relationship, so that you can enhance your capacity for relating from the heart, and can manage relationship stress and conflict in a more mature, reasonable and effective manner, making you feel so much better!


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"The ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ workbook and meditation has really helped me with knowing what the best thing to do is and being able to do it! I've been less reactive and more able to stay centred within my boundaries, and be assertive in a way that has supported the relationship." ~ Josie


“From the ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ meditation I’ve been getting some quietness in my mind, usually it’s going a million miles an hour so that’s been a positive. Overall the meditation is helping me talk to my partner more calmly and when I do get angry during an argument, I have noticed that I can bring myself to a calm state quicker and more frequently than I have been able to do in the past. It’s been great!” ~ Melissa


“Your ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ meditation is excellent. I’m now able to stop and think about trigger situations more calmly and objectively, and I’m actually able to stop the old patterns from happening. I’ve got the tools now to click in to and I use the anchor to help me regularly. The meditation’s also helping me to get clearer about my underlying core issues and vulnerabilities. The music is also very relaxing and hypnotic.” ~ Nadia


“The ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ meditation has allowed me to get a better understanding of what’s going on – when conflict happens, I’m able to be more emotionally detached and objective about what is happening.” ~ Lani


“I really enjoy the ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ meditation. It’s good, it helps me to step back and manage my feelings. It makes sense, and I retain it.” ~ Lisa


“The ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ meditation kick-started me back to previous learnings I had forgotten, like recognizing and dealing with my emotions – listening has identified what was missing for me. Once I started, my stress levels dropped through the floor!” ~ Grant


“I find the ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ meditation extremely helpful in changing my focus from the negative to the positive in terms of my relationship. I find it slows my mind down, and I feel energized after I listen.” ~ Cherie


“I think the ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ meditation is very good. It highlighted the importance of the quality of my presence and engagement and listening in our relationship.” ~ Andrew


“The ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ meditation is good, it works well. It’s easy to listen to, good pace, it keeps me focused, and it gives me something structured and practical to draw on and do.” ~ Colin 

                “Tools to Transform Your Life!”


Workbook Contents


1. Relationship Quotes, Poems & Prayers 

2. Healthy Relationship  3. Brain Systems Optimisation 

4. Goal-Setting 

5. Self-Help Strategy #1: Build Healthy Boundaries 

6. Self-Help Strategy #2: Effective Communication & Listening Skills 

7. Self-Help Strategy #3: Effective Conflict Management Skills 

8. Self-Help Strategy #4: Breaking Free Of Negative Interaction Cycles 

9. Self-Help Strategy #5: Managing Your ‘Love Bank’ 

10. Self-Help Strategy #6: Nurturing Your Connection 

11. Action Plan For Change 

12. Journaling

To purchase the ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ module for just $29.95, please click on the Add to Cart button: