Healing Depression



Are you struggling with the symptoms of depression? Do you need help with overcoming depression?


The ‘Healing From Depression’ module of the Self Help Psychology program – created by Peter Culross, Psychologist of over 25 years – will benefit and assist you in learning powerful and effective strategies and skills to overcome depression, making you a happier person! The module comprises an 82 page eWorkbook (as a pdf file download - see Contents below) and a Guided Meditation mp3 download for healing from depression.


This module will assist you to reprogram your mind and physiology to work for you in a healthy, powerful and positive way, and enhance your capacity to experience satisfaction and wellbeing in your life, making you feel so much better. You will learn to dissolve the fog of depression, release buried energy and life force, reunite with inner strength, and again feel hope and possibility, as you move forwards in your life.


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“The ‘Healing From Depression’ meditation is great! It’s really helped. After the first time I listened to it, I was lying in bed with a big smile on my face. I’ve picked up and I’m feeling better and more balanced now.” ~ Brent

“I’m surprised but I like the ‘Healing From Depression’ meditation. I’ve never meditated before, but I have found that it’s helped me get negative thoughts out of my head very quickly and relax with my breathing. It’s not a waste of time like I imagined!” ~ Jenny

“I thought the ‘Healing from Depression’ meditation was really interesting actually - the focus on the body and how the breath is steady and the heart’s emotions come and go. I also found it odd how meditating makes me feel more alert when it finishes. The visualisation was the most powerful bit, it was good.” ~ Charles


“I like the ‘Healing From Depression’ meditation. It’s a good way to wind down and relax. I enjoy it.” ~ James


"I've attempted to listen to the ‘Healing From Depression’ meditation - but I never get more than 10 minutes in and I'm gone, knocked out, and I only 'wake up' at the end! I've tried to stay awake, but your voice is very calming and the meditation is very hypnotic and relaxing. The workbook is good, the chapter on challenging negative thinking is particularly relevant and useful for me." ~ Brad


“The ‘Healing from Depression’ workbook’s good. The resources there have taken a lot of the hard work out of it for me – they’re really practical and just what I was looking for. I found the poems at the beginning very valuable – they really spoke deeply to me.” ~ Kelly


“There is definitely some great stuff in the ‘Healing From Depression’ workbook.” ~ Sarah

                                                     “Tools to Transform Your Life!”


Workbook Contents


1. Depression Quotes, Poems & Prayers                                                           

2. Understanding Depression                                                                              

3. Common Symptoms Of Depression                                                                 

4. Causes Of Depression                                                                                   

5. Goal-Setting                                                                                                  

6. Self-Help Strategy # 1: Cultivate Supportive Relationships                           

7. Self-Help Strategy # 2: Take Care Of Yourself                                             

8. Self-Help Strategy # 3: Get Your Body Moving                                          

9. Self-Help Strategy # 4: Eat Better To Feel Better                                        

10. Self-Help Strategy # 5: Challenge Negative Thinking                               

11. Self-Help Strategy # 6: Know When To Get Additional Help                  

12. Action Plan For Change                                                                             

13. Journaling

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