Overcoming Anxiety



Are you struggling with the symptoms of anxiety or panic? Do you need help with relieving and managing worry and anxiety?


The ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ module of the Self Help Psychology program – created by Peter Culross, Psychologist of over 25 years – will benefit and assist you in learning powerful and effective strategies and skills to better manage and reduce anxiety in your life, making you a happier person! The module comprises a 76 page eWorkbook (as a pdf file download - see Contents below) and a Guided Meditation mp3 download for overcoming anxiety. 

The ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ module will assist you to control, regulate and release anxiety, and bring about a relaxed, calmer, quieter, clearer, more balanced mental, physical and emotional state of wellbeing, making you feel so much better! You will learn to strengthen your capacities for anxiety management, to restore balance and resiliency in your nervous system, and to apply these learnings to transform your experience of previously challenging situations in your life.



"I've found the 'Overcoming Anxiety' meditation so helpful. It's really good at helping me to relax and I sleep brilliantly afterwards. I'm becoming more aware of how tense I am and I am learning to just breathe and relax the muscle tension and talk myself through it. I've been remarkably surprised how easy it's been!" ~ Cherie


“The ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ meditation is excellent.  I have listened to it each day, and it really helps so much. Sometimes something happens and I feel like a cathedral and I'm the only one there inside that space. It's nice and I just want to rest in the space forever.” ~ Gerianne

“The ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ meditation is good, I’m enjoying it. I’ve done a few of these things before and I haven’t liked them, but this meditation isn’t too “New Agey”, it’s authentic. It does really help. It’s helped with getting a more detached perspective, and with tuning into my strengths. I notice that I just switch into the relaxed breathing mode now when I get a bit freaked out, and it just switches the anxiety cycle off. It’s also helped my creativity, I’ve been having ideas for writing songs after listening to the meditation.” ~ Paul


 "The 'Overcoming Anxiety' meditation is fantastic! It helps me to switch off from over-thinking and gives me time out from my mind turning over, and is helping me reduce my anxiety." ~ Innes 


"I was a bit scared or reluctant to try the 'Overcoming Anxiety' meditation at first. I've only listened to it a few times now but it's been a really positive step - it seems to have worked and I've gotten a lot out of it. I've been able to sleep well without sleeping tablets afterwards, and my anxiety has generally been less intense without any anxiety attacks. I'm breaking the anxiety cycle." ~ Jason


"I've listened to the 'Overcoming Anxiety' meditation and used some of your brilliant techniques of stopping obsessive negative thoughts, and 'breathing through' when I feel discomfort, and visualising feeling better, and I tell you what I have been feeling better!" ~ Alan


"The ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ meditation seems to be really good. It's much more of a relaxing physical effect than I expected. I can feel the relaxation in my body straight away. It's definitely helping!" ~ Jamie


“I found the ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ meditation really good. It relieved the tension that I always carry in my forehead!” ~ Lacey


 “I’ve found the ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ meditation really good – especially just observing and detaching from my crazy thoughts, and relaxing in different ways.” ~ Kelly

"I've never done anything like this before, but I have found the 'Overcoming Anxiety' meditation has been incredibly helpful just to zone out for a while. I find it really refreshing and I feel recharged afterwards. My wife has started listening to it and has calmed down a lot too! From the workbook, I've been practicing the strategy of challenging the negative thoughts, and getting to the root of them and changing them, as well as the strategy of stopping and breathing and pushing the negative thought away and not entertaining it! I've found the negative thinking has stopped a lot and I feel much more in control. I'm continuing to work through things but I'm feeling a lot better!" ~ Jason  


“I’m having a lot of fun working on my ‘issues’ with the ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ workbook. It’s great. I’ve got a real lot of value out of it. It’s been surprising. I don’t think I was ‘connecting the dots’ and making the link with anxiety before, particularly the revved up thinking process that just went on and on. I never connected it with anxiety. Some things really rang true for me. Identifying the cognitive distortions commonly associated with anxiety has been very useful. I also realised that if I can affect one aspect of anxiety, it affects the other aspects of anxiety, e.g. if I can calm myself down, then the manic thinking drops down. I can break out of the cycle. Even if it’s just for a while, it’s a real relief.” ~ Paul

“The ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ workbook is great to have as a guide to all of the anxiety management techniques. Within the workbook, I found the section on challenging negative thoughts useful, and also techniques for relaxing. I used the affirmations and guided meditation regularly and felt these benefited me the most.” ~ James

"The techniques I am learning from the ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ workbook are helping me to calm myself down and get through episodes of anxiety. The breathing techniques are awesome - they help me to calm myself and stay centred and rational in whatever situation I'm in. The worry period is also really working for me. I'm starting to cope with my anxiety and it's easing off." ~ Paul


“I found some really helpful stuff in the ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ workbook. It’s a great, comprehensive workbook. I particularly like the journaling, identifying and challenging cognitive distortions, and worry period strategies.” ~ Mel

“I’m finding the mini-relaxation exercises from the ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ workbook to be helpful, and I can fit them into my busy day.” ~ Farah

“Tools to Transform Your Life!”


Workbook Contents


1. Anxiety Quotes                                                                                             

2. Understanding Anxiety                                                                                 

3. Guide To The Signs & Symptoms Of Anxiety                                                

4. What Causes Anxiety Problems?                                                                 

5. Brain Systems Optimisation                                                                        

6. Goal-Setting                                                                                                 

7. Self Help For Anxiety Relief                                                                       

8. Self-Help Strategy # 1: Accept Uncertainty                                                   

9. Self-Help Strategy # 2: Create A Worry Period                                           

10. Self-Help Strategy # 3: Challenge Negative Thoughts                            

11. Self-Help Strategy # 4: Learn How To Relax                                          

12. Self-Help Strategy # 5: Tackle Your Specific Fears                                

13. Self-Help Strategy # 6: Take Care Of Yourself                                       

14. Action Plan For Change                                                                           

16. Journaling    


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