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Each of the 11 modules in the Self Help Psychology program comprises an eWorkbook (as a pdf file download), with a wealth of distilled, condensed, psycho-educational knowledge for practical learning, and task-based exercises for actionable change, and an accompanying Guided Meditation mp3 audio download, for deeper, experiential learning. The different guided meditations all include proven techniques of relaxation, mindfulness, guided imagery and creative imagination, as well as relaxation music embedded with binaural pulse tones to deepen the meditative experience. The workbooks average around 85 pages, and the guided meditations average around 35 minutes.

It is recommended that you complete at least one Level 1 module before doing either Level 2 module, and to complete at least one Level 1 module and at least one Level 2 module (at least the 'Recovering & Healing Your Inner Child' module) before doing the Level 3 module*.

LEVEL ONE (Conscious Self)

1.     Relieving Stress – this module will assist you to de-stress yourself, relax more deeply, and promote inner peace, balance and optimism, so that you can move forwards in your life with an enhanced focus on your capacity for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. You will learn to take charge of the stress levels in your life, and increase your ability to deal with the challenges of modern living.

2.     Overcoming Anxiety – this module will assist you to control, regulate and release anxiety, and bring about a relaxed, calmer, quieter, clearer, more balanced mental, physical and emotional state of wellbeing. You will learn to strengthen your capacities for anxiety management, to restore balance and resiliency in your nervous system, and to apply these learnings to transform your experience of previously challenging situations in your life.

3.     Managing Anger & Other Emotions – this module will assist you to build emotional self-awareness, and better regulate and balance anger and other emotions, and increase feelings of peace, calmness and control.  You will learn to soothe and transform emotional disturbance and inflammation, and strengthen your capacities for anger management, so that you can move into the future with a wiser, more objective perspective, and more relaxed confidence in yourself and your ability to respond and express yourself more appropriately, reasonably, constructively and effectively in future circumstances of stress.

4.     Overcoming Compulsive Overeating – this module will assist you to free yourself from compulsive over-eating (including 'emotional eating'), and  develop your capacity to eat in a more consciously mindful, healthy, and 'attuned' way. You will learn to better understand and change or re-program your eating pattern and your relationship with food, and move towards a healthier life, physically and emotionally.

5.     Healing From Depression – this module will assist you to reprogram your mind and physiology to work for you in a healthy, powerful and positive way, and enhance your capacity to experience satisfaction and wellbeing in your life. You will learn to dissolve the fog of depression, release buried energy and life force, reunite with inner strength, and again feel hope and possibility, as you move forwards in your life.

6.     Sleep Better – this module will assist you to experience a better, natural, healthy sleep, and will support you achieving a pattern of more steady, satisfying sleep, that best fits for your health and wellbeing. You will learn a number of mind-body techniques, practices and strategies to experience a deeper, more restful sleep, and regain a satisfactory sleep pattern.

7.     Building Self-esteem & Self-Confidence – this module will assist you to move forward in your life in a more self-confident and self-accepting way, with a focused, positive attitude and energised self-esteem. You will learn a number of self-help strategies as part of a comprehensive, integrated and holistic mind-body approach to enhancing healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.

8.     Enhancing Your Relationship – this module will assist you to establish a stronger, more stable, warm and loving connection in relation to your partner, where you can have your differences and respective needs, and communicate more effectively to manage them and achieve greater harmony in your relationship. You will learn important skills for a healthy, loving, intimate relationship, so that you can enhance your capacity for relating from the heart, and can manage relationship stress and conflict in a more mature, reasonable and effective manner.

LEVEL TWO (Subconscious Self)

9.     Healing the Emotional Wounds of the Past – this module will assist you to process and heal stored emotional memories, so that you can get beyond being stuck in conditioned negative emotions and beliefs from the past, and can increase your resilience to future emotional triggers. You will be guided and supported in clearly facing, making conscious, acknowledging, understanding, and gaining insight into your past history of significant, formative, negative or ‘less-than-caring’ experiences that you had growing up, and in emotionally owning, working through, releasing, resolving, ‘re-programming’, and completing with your experience in relation to your history, in order to feel better and function better in the present.

10.    Recovering & Healing Your Inner Child – this module will assist you to connect with and take care of the vulnerable 'child' side of you, to help you to feel more emotionally alive, and healed and whole, within your conscious, mature adult self.  You will learn to reduce unhealthy, 'maladaptive' coping mechanisms, and to strengthen your functional, healthy adult coping capacities. This module supports your Healthy Adult Self (or Conscious Self) learning to re-establish rapport and a co-operative relationship with your Vulnerable Child Self (or Subconscious Self), leading to a renewed sense of vitality, pleasure and health.

LEVEL THREE (Higher Self)

11.   Connecting With Your Higher Self – this module will assist you to tune into your inner nature, raise and expand your consciousness, and develop your spiritual awareness, so that you can truly begin to find out who you are, and all you can be, and experience this reality. You are supported in connecting and attuning with your true self, your essence, your deeper inner being, and in balancing and harmonising your mind, body, emotions and spirit (or Conscious Self, Subconscious Self and Higher Self), making it easier to establish an affirmative direction in your life. (Please note – this is a non-sectarian, non-doctrinaire, and chiefly experiential approach to supporting your intrinsic spirituality, and can compatibly augment pre-existing spiritual or religious practices, faiths or affiliations).

N.B. This Self Help Psychology program can function as a stand-alone, self-administered personal development program in it’s own right, or as a supportive, supplementary adjunct or ‘add-on’ to any psychotherapy, treatment program, or spiritual practice you may already be doing.

‘Integrative’ approach: In my personal and clinical experience, I have found that the most effective approach to change is an ‘integrative’ approach that embraces and combines a broad range of modalities and a variety of different strategies. In this program, I draw on solution-focused, cognitive, behavioural, experiential, imaginal, inner-child, somatic, mindfulness, transpersonal, psychodynamic, energy psychology, family systems and interpersonal techniques to help you change, working at the level of mind, body, emotion, imagination, and spirit. By combining a number of powerful change agents, I have found that more people will successfully be helped with this approach than by narrow, single-technique treatments or therapy / healing models that only utilise one or two types of intervention, at one level or dimension of your being.

Combining these modules together creates a synergistic "cross-training" for personal and spiritual growth, that increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the practices and learning in each of the respective areas and levels. You can also customise the program to work to your particular needs and wants, and do as few or as many of the modules as you like, in the order that you choose.

* The first 10 (Level One and Level Two) modules in this Self Help Psychology program create a channel of direct communication between you as a Conscious Self and your Subconscious Self, allowing for a more co-operative relationship, so that you can transform negative or limiting habit patterns into more positive and functional ones, resolve and overcome issues and blocks related to past conditioning, deal adequately with situations and create positive changes in your life. Through the psychological exercises and tools that you are given, you work through your chosen areas of the physical, emotional, mental, and subconscious aspects of the personal self, learning what you need to learn, changing what you need to change, clearing what you need to clear, and bringing into balance what you need to bring into balance.

The first 8 (Level One) modules in the program involve training of the Conscious Self, to develop and expand awareness, and make more healthy, conscious decisions, for your highest good. You are supported in balancing and stabilising yourself, in a positive manner and direction, and in strengthening your functional, mature, conscious adult capacities and skills, so that you can better take charge of managing and caring for yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and relationally. You are also supported in beginning to work with with your Subconscious Self, and beginning to open to your Higher Self.

Then the next 2 (Level Two) modules focus specifically and deeply on making conscious, then emotionally healing, balancing and re-programming your Subconscious ‘inner child’ Self. Consciously connecting with your Subconscious Self can be an important preparation and transition to opening to and connecting with your Higher Self.

The final, Higher Self (Level Three) module focuses on connecting with your Higher Self, and bringing all parts of the self into alignment as One, unified, integral, balanced, harmonious, flowing, whole being. These 3 levels or components of the existential self need to be brought together in order to be, and function as, a whole person. By mastering the powers of the Conscious and Subconscious Selves, you can enjoy more success in the world, and keeping in touch with your Higher Self adds the further dimensions of peace, Love and joy, and an experience of the higher, Spiritual possibilities of life.

To put it another way, the Level One and Level Two modules address the 'relative truth' of your human condition and personal story (the positive and negative experiences of your ego-personality), and give glimpses of higher consciousness, while the Level Three module addresses the 'absolute truth' of your existence (the ultimate reality of the oneness of your spiritual being, as a direct, lived experience).


May the road rise up to meet you,Self Help Psychololgy

may the wind be ever at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face

and the rain fall softly on your fields.

And until we meet again,

may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”

Irish blessing