Testimonials – Meditations

"I have been listening to the 'Building Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence' meditation.  After each listen, I feel as though I am walking through heaven.  The meditation is truly beautiful, a wonderful tonic for the soul. This is how I feel:

" ~ Melissa

“The ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ meditation is excellent.  I have listened to it each day, and it really helps so much. Sometimes something happens and I feel like a cathedral and I'm the only one there inside that space. It's nice and I just want to rest in the space forever.” ~ Gerianne

"The ‘Sleep Better’ meditation is brilliant. It’s working – now I’m sleeping through and having a good quality sleep." ~ Sue

"From the 'Enhancing Your Relationship' meditation I’ve been getting some quietness in my mind, usually it's going a million miles an hour so that's been a positive. Overall the meditation is helping me talk to my partner more calmly and when I do get angry during an argument, I have noticed that I can bring myself to a calm state quicker and more frequently than I have been able to do in the past. It’s been great!" ~ Melissa

"I just love the ‘Building Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence’ meditation. I just go into another world, it’s wonderful. The affirmations are just spot on, they are so good, I’m taking them to heart. I feel really good inside, it’s beautiful. Little things you say in the meditation are sticking in my head, and I’m finding something inside is starting to take hold. I have also really enjoyed the 'Recovering & Healing Your Inner Child' meditation.  It is so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes. I am feeling more worth it and able to stand up for myself more." ~ Rose

"The 'Enhancing Your Relationship' meditation kick-started me back to previous learnings I had forgotten, like recognizing and dealing with my emotions – listening has identified what was missing for me. Once I started, my stress levels dropped through the floor!" ~ Grant

"I’ve really enjoyed the 'Building Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence' meditation. Your voice has been very pleasing. I keep coming back to the affirmation “I can do it!”." ~ Wendy

"The ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ meditation is good, I’m enjoying it. I’ve done a few of these things before and I haven’t liked them, but this meditation isn’t too “New Agey”, it’s authentic. It does really help. It’s helped with getting a more detached perspective, and with tuning into my strengths. I notice that I just switch into the relaxed breathing mode now when I get a bit freaked out, and it just switches the anxiety cycle off. It’s also helped my creativity, I’ve been having ideas for writing songs after listening to the meditation." ~ Paul

"It’s been good to listen to something that is structured, and takes me through dealing with stress, step by step, until I’m okay again. The 'Relieving Stress' meditation definitely helps!" ~ Stuart

"I’ve never done meditation before, but doing the ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions' meditation was like a dimming light switch, turning down the thinking process, slowing down and focusing on the soothing process." ~ John

"I find the 'Enhancing Your Relationship' meditation extremely helpful in changing my focus from the negative to the positive in terms of my relationship. I find it slows my mind down, and I feel energized after I listen." ~ Cherie

"The ‘Sleep Better’ meditation helps me get past all the mind chatter and gets me to sleep!" ~ Lorraine

"I’m surprised but I like the ‘Healing From Depression’ meditation. I’ve never meditated before, but I have found that it’s helped me get negative thoughts out of my head very quickly and relax with my breathing. It’s not a waste of time like I imagined!" ~ Jenny

"The ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ meditation is good, it works well. It’s easy to listen to, good pace, it keeps me focused, and it gives me something structured and practical to draw on and do." ~ Colin 

"The 'Building Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence' meditation has helped me focus more on the positive things and good parts of me." ~ Harriet

"The ‘Relieving Stress' meditation definitely helps me to relax. My mind still wanders a bit, but it’s a relaxing time, and I need to find time to do it more often!" ~ Ben

"I found the ‘Relieving Stress’ meditation very helpful, particularly the deep breathing, the positive affirmations, the practice of letting go of thoughts, and reminding myself that feelings will pass." ~ Jennifer

"Each time I feel anger rising up in me, the 'Managing Anger & Other Emotions' meditation helps to slowly bring me down again." ~ Robert

"The ‘Connecting to Your Higher Self’ meditation is just great – it stills my chattering mind.  It is clear and simple to listen to, and an effective meditation assistance. I hear different things each time I listen to it! It’s really significant." ~ Daphne

"The 'Managing Anger & Other Emotions' meditation is very, very good – it has settled me down. Now I’m focused on putting it into action!" ~ Graham

"Your ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ meditation is excellent. I’m now able to stop and think about trigger situations more calmly and objectively, and I’m actually able to stop the old patterns from happening. I’ve got the tools now to click in to and I use the anchor to help me regularly. The meditation’s also helping me to get clearer about my underlying core issues and vulnerabilities. The music is also very relaxing and hypnotic." ~ Nadia

"I really enjoy the ‘Enhancing Your Relationship’ meditation. It’s good, it helps me to step back and manage my feelings. It makes sense, and I retain it." ~ Lisa

"The ‘Enhancing Your Relationship' meditation has allowed me to get a better understanding of what’s going on – when conflict happens, I’m able to be more emotionally detached and objective about what is happening." ~ Lani

"The ‘Recovering & Healing Your Inner Child’ meditation worked well. It was a very vivid and visual experience, as well as empathically feeling my experience as a child. I really felt strongly connected in a loving way to the child self. I felt like I was accepting myself." ~ Sabrina

"The ‘Recovering & Healing Your Inner Child’ meditation is really good. I liked it! It helped me to connect with myself as a child, and it's empowering because it helped me to step back and to differentiate my adult experience from that of myself as a child." ~ Heidi

"The ‘Building Self Esteem & Self-Confidence’ meditation is a shot in the arm!" ~ Terry

"The ‘Healing From Depression’ meditation is great! It’s really helped. After the first time I listened to it, I was lying in bed with a big smile on my face. I’ve picked up and I’m feeling better and more balanced now." ~ Brent

"I have now listened to the ‘Building Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence’ meditation 4 times.  It is very good – and helps considerably as work is a greater challenge at the moment.  Thank you very much indeed – I am very grateful.  I see myself continuing with it for quite a while!!" ~ Daphne

"I didn’t think the ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ meditation would help, but it puts me in a better state of mind. I just float off, and it works." ~ Brad

"The ‘Relieving Stress’ meditation is really good. I’ve had different energy experiences and sensations – it brings me to a better place. I use it to help me handle things like upsetting events that are disturbing me at the time." ~ Rose

"The ‘Sleep Better’ meditation is very, very effective. It allows me to get everything right in my head so that I can sleep, and not just toss and turn." ~ Robert

"I found the ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ meditation really good. It relieved the tension that I always carry in my forehead." ~ Lacey

"The ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ meditation was good, I enjoyed it, I really got something out of it." ~ Danielle

"The ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ meditation is really good. It helps me to be calm. I’m more able now, if I’m agitated, to tell my brain to ‘Stop!’, and follow it up with the techniques to breathe my way through it." ~ Loretta

"I’ve found the ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ meditation really good – especially just observing and detaching from my crazy thoughts, and relaxing in different ways." ~ Kelly

"The ‘Sleep Better’ meditation is enormously helpful – but I don’t use it before I sleep, I use it or part of it in the middle of the night when I wake up and am restless." ~ Daphne

"The 'Sleep Better' meditation does really help. I only use it occasionally when I wake up with anxiety at 2.00 a.m. to help me get back to sleep. I whack it on and drift off. The meditation reminds me of the experience of "being one" when surfing!" ~ William

"I thought the 'Healing from Depression' meditation was really interesting actually - the focus on the body and how the breath is steady and the heart's emotions come and go. I also found it odd how meditating makes me feel more alert when it finishes. The visualisation was the most powerful bit, it was good." ~ Charles

"I’ve been listening to the ‘Sleep Better’ meditation – it certainly works. I’ve been listening to it when I wake up and going back to sleep straight away!" ~ Todd

"Your ‘Relieving Stress’ meditation is actually helping me. I’ve got to admit, it’s come in really handy, especially with stressing about work." ~ William

"I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but the 'Sleep Better' meditation has been working - I'm not sure if it's the distraction of focusing on something other than my thoughts, or the content of the meditation, but I am going to sleep now!" ~ Kim

"Your 'Sleep Better' meditation puts me to sleep when I wake in the middle of the night - I just roll over and put the earplugs in and next thing I know I'm waking up a few hours later!" ~ Dee

"I really like your 'Building Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence' meditation. It's great. I really enjoy listening to it and letting it wash over me. I like the affirmations that reflect who I am at the core of me." ~ Kelly 

"I think the 'Enhancing Your Relationship' meditation is very good. It highlighted the importance of the quality of my presence and engagement and listening in our relationship." ~ Andrew

"I like the 'Healing From Depression' meditation. It's a good way to wind down and relax. I enjoy it." ~ James

"I gotta say – the ‘Recovering & Healing Your Inner Child’ meditation is Dangerous! Cuz man, I have gotten downright MILITANT about protecting that little girl, I am Serious! Whoever and whatever you are, Do Not Fuck With Gerianne’s inner child cuz Momma Geri will whip your big fat BUTT." ~ Gerianne

Testimonials – Workbooks

"I’m having a lot of fun working on my ‘issues’ with the ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ workbook. It’s great. I’ve got a real lot of value out of it. It’s been surprising. I don’t think I was ‘connecting the dots’ and making the link with anxiety before, particularly the revved up thinking process that just went on and on. I never connected it with anxiety. Some things really rang true for me. Identifying the cognitive distortions commonly associated with anxiety has been very useful. I also realised that if I can affect one aspect of anxiety, it affects the other aspects of anxiety, e.g. if I can calm myself down, then the manic thinking drops down. I can break out of the cycle. Even if it’s just for a while, it’s a real relief." ~ Paul

"The ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ workbook is great to have as a guide to all of the anxiety management techniques. Within the workbook, I found the section on challenging negative thoughts useful, and also techniques for relaxing. I used the affirmations and guided meditation regularly and felt these benefited me the most." ~ James

"I found some really helpful stuff in the 'Overcoming Anxiety' workbook. It's a great, comprehensive workbook. I particularly like the journaling, identifying and challenging cognitive distortions, and worry period strategies." ~ Mel

"I’m finding the mini-relaxation exercises from the ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ workbook to be helpful, and I can fit them into my busy day." ~ Farah

"The 'Building Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence' workbook has been really good. It's really accessible, and great having all the strategies in a condensed format. Focusing on my strengths has been nice and positive!" ~ Kelly

"I've been working through the ‘Building Self Esteem & Self-Confidence’ workbook - it is very good. I particularly like this quote: “Power is strength and the ability to see yourself through your own eyes and not through the eyes of another.” ~ Agnes Whistling Elk. I have been noticing when I look at myself through the eyes of the other and the insecurity that comes with that. Also I have been validating and supporting my own vision of what I am doing by finding the positives." ~ Jamie

"The ‘Healing from Depression’ workbook’s good. The resources there have taken a lot of the hard work out of it for me – they’re really practical and just what I was looking for. I found the poems at the beginning very valuable – they really spoke deeply to me." ~ Kelly

"There is definitely some great stuff in the ‘Healing From Depression’ workbook." ~ Sarah

"The ‘Sleep Better’ workbook is just awesome. It's the most sensible summary about sleep that I have ever read!!  It appears to be information that most people should have, if anyone has poor sleeping prior or when they are given sleeping tablets. I read it immediately the night I received it (at 11pm when I woke after 2 hours sleep), used only a couple of the hints, as well as started exercising a bit most days, and have had only one ¼ sleeping tablet in the last fortnight!! That was after taking sleeping tablets – either ¼ or ½ every night for months!!  I now don’t feel so drugged each day as there is no ‘hang over’ from the sleeping tablet. I am so very pleased with the information thank you very much." ~ Daphne

"It was weird after reading the ‘Sleep Better’ workbook, without really doing anything else, I just slept better! The relaxation strategies have been good, and the dream information was really interesting." ~ Danielle

"The ‘Healing the Emotional Wounds of the Past’ workbook was a real eye-opener to things I wasn’t aware of before. It really opened my mind to what my experience really was as a child. It threw so much light it lightened my mood, and helped me come to terms with what happened." ~ Nadia

"Your ‘Connecting With Your Higher Self’ workbook contains some stuff that really hit home in me – so far in your own beautiful poetry (is there a better word for beautiful – if there is then that’s your poetry.)  After being transported through your words and emotions and some of it hitting some of my very own emotions and confusion, I meditated on these thoughts last night and this morning after I awoke – I SAW LIGHT which gave me clarity and answers." ~ Melissa

"The ‘Connecting With Your Higher Self’ is a great workbook, and I find it very helpful to print off a hard copy and then write in the copy, and underline and circle etc etc.  Reading and writing on it helps me ground the experience.  It is a great explanation of what spiritual connection is and how to experience it and how to progress it. The quotes and your poems ‘enlighten’ the reader on their journey.  I found each one brings another dimension to the experience." ~ Daphne

"I am being inspired by the ‘Connecting With Your Higher Self’ workbook. It’s great! I am working my way through it as I find time to. Right now it is helping me delve into my dreams and being open to receiving messages from them. I love it! I love your poetry… You certainly wrote some amazing poetry." ~ Rebecca

"There's a lot of good stuff in the 'Relieving Stress' workbook about breathing and meditation - which I never really understood before - and switching off stress." ~ Ben

"There's some really good, thought-provoking stuff in the 'Managing Anger & Other Emotions' workbook that really resonated with me; e.g. reading about the Type A Personality was huge, there's some good stuff about breathing and Time Out, and the stuff about rageaholism was gold!" ~ Dean

"The ‘Managing Anger & Other Emotions’ workbook is a good one stop shop for anger management information. Plus it’s been a good reminder for me to continue to work on my “emotional intelligence”." ~ Brigid